Traveling the World in Three Inch Heels.

Welcome to Sights in Stilettos! I'm Alyssa the creator and photographer of this travel blog.

Why "Sights in Stilettos?" Ever since my first plane ride at 16, I have been hooked on travel. Whether it be for business or pleasure, my happy place is at 35,000 feet jetting off to a new or been there done that destination. Flying for me has always been such a celebrated event that I dress up for every trip to the airport, and stilettos are my shoe of choice for travel and life. Yes, I will be the girl who pops the inflatable slide on the way down in the event of a water evacuation. 

I started Sights in Stilettos as a creative outlet to share top recommendations and photos of the places I've traveled. The "Top Three" section will give you quick suggestions, and you can find more in-depth reading in the blog section. If you are more visual check out the photo gallery or follow me on Instagram. I am new to photography but have my Nikon in tow for every adventure. 

My husband and I call Washington, D.C. home, but are currently based overseas and will be traveling a lot this year. We are middle of the road when it comes to travel, but will splurge on a tasting menu or a nice hotel from time to time. My hope for Sights in Stilettos is that you leave with a new idea for your next trip and you share some of your top spots with me. I cannot wait to share our adventures with you! 

Best, Alyssa