Hello from 32,000 feet

Current location: somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

Welcome to Sights in Stilettos – a travel blog to help guide you on your next adventure, with top suggestions of what to eat, see, and experience. 

While my childhood was filled with road trips throughout the West Coast, my first plane ride was to Edmonton, Canada for my 16th birthday. Something inside me changed forever upon that first ascension into the clouds, and ever since then my mantra is work to travel. 

Standing at 5'9 some would say I have no business wearing heels, but they are what I feel best in. Going to the airport for me is special. Similar to the PanAm era of wearing your Sunday best on plane travel, I will only wear heels on planes. Yes, I am potentially the person who will tear a hole in the emergency inflatable slide in the event of a water evacuation, but it's a risk I am willing to take.

Thus Sights in Stilettos was born from the girl who refuses to travel in anything but heels.

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