New York, New York


Manhattan, bar none, is one of my favorite cities in the world. I dreamed about it as a little girl and when I finally visited for the first time in 2006, it felt like coming home. While I still have never called NYC home, it has and will remain to be one of my favorite spots to visit.

  • The bar at Novotel has amazing views of Times Square and the perfect spot to head before a Broadway show.

  • Pasta is my favorite food group and finding the perfect perfect pasta carbonara is a sport. Crispo NYC located in the Meatpacking District ranks #1 on my list. Handmade pastas coupled with a warm Italian wine cellar motif makes for a perfect night out. Don't make plans after, you will be in a food coma.

  • The NYC Highline, also located in Meatpacking is a park created on top of an old elevated railway lined with areas to lounge and relax along with water and art installations. I recommend visiting at sunset