Venice, Italy

  • Take a gondola ride. Some hotels can book them for you in advance, but you will see waiting areas all over the Grand Canal. They will only take cash so stop off at an ATM first (the ride will be about 80-100 euro). You can BYOB on the ride so don’t forget the champagne.

  • Dinner at Bistrot de Venise is a MUST. They have a fantastic tasting menu with historic or modern Venetian options or a la cart. If you want to impress book the “romantic special” which includes starter Prosecco, tasting menu, and a red rose for your date.

  • Escape the tourist filled streets and get lost in Italian Renaissance art at the Gallerie Dell’Accademia.

*Travel Tip - Do not take the private water taxis as they are very expensive (around 60-80 euro). Venice has a water bus that stops at all the major sights for 7.5 euro.